Visit the library to choose from the great selection of WAYRBA nominated titles and vote for your favourites.


WAYRBA is a readers’ choice award, organised on a state wide basis for young readers.

The Award operates on three levels, Younger Readers, Picture Books and Older Readers.

Readers are invited to nominate, through their libraries, books that they have enjoyed. These nominations are then considered by the WAYRBA committee and the three lists are drawn up.


  • Books of fiction published within the last five years and currently in print.
  • May be written by a living Australian or overseas author.
  • Only one title of any author may be included on a list in any year.


Each year, books written by a living Australian or overseas author are nominated by young readers across WA who are asked to read titles on the lists provided and evaluate them as ‘teriffic, good, okay or awful’.