Participation in the Summer Reading Club  allows children and young people to develop a sense of community with other children across the country. No matter where they are during the summer holidays, it is envisioned that children and young people will be able to participate in activities aligned to the annual programming theme, discover great Australian authors and illustrators, and share their voice by engaging in literary and creative activities, both online and in libraries.

The theme of this years club is ‘GAME ON’, an invitation to celebrate our Aussie sporting culture, team-mateship and the countries who will be visiting this great land to participate in the Commonwealth Games. Connections to the themes and conventions associated with games and technology can also be explored through the 2017 programming theme.  The Summer Reading Club runs from the 1st of December to the 31st of January every year.

Join us for the launch of our Summer Reading Club on Tuesday the 5th of December from 3 – 4pm.