An exhibition of contemporary art by sixteen female artists from the south coast of Western Australia, engaging with and critiquing 100 years of the Anzac mythology and reality. Albany, the regional centre of the Great Southern, was the place from which the first two convoys of Australian and New Zealand soldiers departed Australia in late 1914. The members of MIX Artists Inc., a group of contemporary artists from the Great Southern, were inspired by their region’s history to present this exhibition.

HomeFRONT focuses on the impact of war, the waiting, the grief, as well as the return of physically and mentally damaged soldiers. In the catalogue, the Australian writer Don Watson writes, “The experience of war very much depends on where one happens to be standing at the time” . The truth within this statement is at the forefront of theHomeFRONT exhibition.

HomeFRONT presents high quality artworks in a range of different media. These media range from modern technologies such as video installation and digital printmaking, to traditional textile techniques such as felting, sewing, and knitting. These mediums are presented in new and contemporary ways to connect and engage with various audiences. In addition, the exhibition includes painting, drawing, ceramic, glass, paper cut, photography and handmade books.

“Many of the artists have been inspired by personal connections to war, to the grief and long lasting impact of war on those who stayed at home. The artworks are very poignant and convey a sense of loss and longing. HomeFRONT is a very thought provoking exhibition.” – Curator of the HomeFRONT exhibition Paul Moncrieff.