Miik Green format works inspire and intrigue audiences. They are constructed from unlike resistant materials transfixed in resin, capturing a tension originating from a chemical response to a bodily receptor.

Beta blockers reduce stress on the heart. They are drugs prescribed to treat several different types of conditions, including hypertension, angina, some abnormal heart rhythms and heart attack.

“I apply mixed media on aluminium to create translucent shifting surfaces that seemingly capture movement in the momentary. Pigments, inks and resins are mixed with resistant media creating structures that react and emerge within the surfaces of the works. It is this paradoxical space, set between two extremes in which the work evolves from: a site of conflict and tension where the cellular division of mitosis could also be seen as pathogenic replication.” – Miik Green, artist BETA BLOCKER

The exhibition is a continuation of his micro Xylem series exploring the types of transport tissue in vascular plants. It comprises of 6 large scale works and a digital video work created with Chad Peacock.

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